Buying Into a Vacation Club

Wanting to Buy Into a Vacation Club?

Buying into a vacation club can be a great, long-term vacation investment that will provide you with considerable benefits and many exciting vacation experiences.

If you are thinking about buying into a vacation club or looking for more information on vacation club memberships, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will uncover what exactly a vacation club is, and which benefits vacation clubs offer members. Read on for valuable information you should take into consideration before making the final decision.

What do Vacation Clubs Offer?

Vacation clubs are a great option for those who travel frequently.

Vacation clubs can be thought of as a type of timeshare. However, the flexibility that vacation clubs offer makes them a popular alternative for many vacationers. While most timeshares require you to purchase a specific time interval in a specific unit, vacation clubs allow more flexibility. Instead of purchasing a set location to use at a specific date each year, vacation clubs allow you to purchase points which you can apply towards any number of locations, residences, and destinations –at any date that you choose.

How do Vacation Clubs Work?

Vacation clubs operate on a points-based system. Points are able to be traded in at establishments that offer vacation club point accommodations. Vacation clubs extend your ability to travel to more locations, multiple times each year. It is also possible to sell your excess points, if you find that you are unable to use them all.

Although you generally buy into a specific location, most vacation clubs allow you to apply your time interval for a number of different locations, different times, or both. Some vacation clubs allow access to intervals in hundreds of different resorts, condominiums, or hotels. The minimum interval is usually a week, but you can purchase as much time as you would like. Some vacation clubs even allow you to often apply points towards cruises, tours, and flights as well.

The buy-in price for a vacation club can be as low as $5,000 or as high as $350,000. With most vacation clubs, you will also have to pay annual dues, occupancy charges, and maintenance fees.

Is a Vacation Club Right for You?

For those who travel often, and prefer to stay in resorts, vacation clubs offer an excellent alternative to traditional timeshares. Whereas with timeshares, you are locked into one location during a specific one week during the year, vacation clubs open the doors to more opportunities and travel locations, offering members unprecedented flexibility when it comes to choosing where, and when, you want to travel.

What if you find that you can’t make it to your vacation destination one year? No problem. Most vacation clubs allow members to save unused points and apply them towards a vacation the next year. If you wish, you can save your points one year and apply the incurred points towards an even bigger vacation the next year. Of course, the terms regarding unused points vary from club to club so it’s important to check with the vacation club before you buy in, to make sure they offer alternatives for unused points.

The flexibility that vacation clubs offer makes them an excellent choice for those who want flexibility and choice when travelling, while maintaining guaranteed access to some of the top resorts and exclusive locations across the country, and around the world.