Shell Vacation Club

Buying Into Shell Vacations Club

Buying into Shell Vacations Club can be a rewarding experience.

Shell Vacations Club has 24 vacation resorts throughout North America, and provides members with a flexible points-based ownership program. Shell Vacations Club applies a customer-centered approach to resort hospitality, and is committed to providing unrivaled getaways and vacations to members.

How Shell Vacations Club Works

Vacation clubs are similar to timeshares in that they guarantee members a vacation every year.

However, vacation clubs differ in the flexibility that they offer members. Vacation clubs operate on a points-based system. After buying into a vacation club, you are given a certain amount of points each year that can be applied towards your vacation.

Shell Vacations Club operates on a points-based ownership program. To become a Shell Vacations Club member, you must purchase a points package from a Shell Owners Club. Each club contains unique luxury resorts in which you can stay.

There are four Shell Owners Clubs:

  • Americana –Americana offers resorts in various locations across the county
  • Hawaii – As the name suggests, Hawaii offers unique resorts in Hawaii. If you frequently travel to Hawaii for vacations, this would be the club for you.
  • Pacific – The Pacific home club gives you top priority in selected resorts.
  • West – The West home club offers resorts along the west coast.

It’s best to purchase within the home club that contains the resorts you are likely to visit most often. This will allow you the advantage of early booking each year.

As a member of a home club, you have priority in those resorts, but as a Shell Vacations Club member, you have access to other Shell Vacations Club resorts as well. You can purchase additional points if you wish, and can change the location of your travel.

Shell Vacations Club offers members 24 desirable destinations to choose from across North America. Choose from a number of different vacations, including skiing, golf, shopping –even safaris and theme parks. Points can also be applied toward air travel, rental cars, and cruises.

Additionally, Shell Vacations Club is affiliated with the Interval International timeshare exchange network, which means that members have access to an external exchange program that includes over 2,600 additional resorts in over 75 countries around the world.

Membership Options

When you become Shell Vacations Club member, you have the option to choose from three different levels on membership: SVC Collections, SVC Lifestyles, and SVC Elite.

  • SVC Collections: SVC Collections membership level offers a range of membership benefits that include cruises, travel between the Hawaiian islands (when staying at a SVC Hawaiian resort), catamaran charters, as well as additional special hotel and resort offerings.
  • The SVC Lifestyles: The SVC Lifestyles membership level provides members with a collection of recreational and travel packages, allowing members to choose from a number of recreational conveniences and travel opportunities.
  • Signature: The SVC Signature membership level, members are treated to VIP-level amenities and benefits including personal concierge services, a toll-free reservation line, accommodation upgrades, and events tickets –just to name a few.