Marriott Vacation Club

Buying Into Marriott Vacation Club

 When it comes to buying into vacation clubs, the Marriott Vacation Club is an excellent choice.

The Marriott Vacation Club is a vacation club unlike any other. Instead of simply providing members with accommodations –the Marriot Vacation Club offers members partial ownership of luxurious resorts, in some of the top vacation destinations around the world.

 The quality of Marriot resorts, wide variety of destinations to choose from, fair pricing, and world-class customer support make Marriott timeshares a great long-term vacation investment.

 Plenty of Exciting Destinations

When you become a member of Marriott Vacation Club, you will have the security of knowing that you will have access to some of the world’s finest properties in beautiful locations around the world.

Whether you prefer busy metropolises, ski trips in the winter, or tropical getaways, the Marriott Vacation Club has something for everyone. Choose from golf resorts, oceanfront locations, ski towns, luxury urban resorts, theme parks, and more. Marriott Vacation Club offers members access to a wide variety of vacation destinations, no matter what experience you are looking for.

Many of Marriot Vacation Club’s resorts are located in the United States, with a wide variety of destinations in Hawaii, California, and Florida. For international experiences, Marriott also has resorts in the Caribbean, Spain, France, Aruba, and Thailand.

If you should decide that you’d like to try a resort that’s not included in the Marriott property roster, Marriott is affiliated with the Interval International timeshare exchange network; which means that Marriott Vacation Club members can choose from over 2,400 resorts worldwide.

 Destination Points

Marriott Vacation Club operates on a point-based system similar to how timeshares work. However, unlike timeshares, with Marriot Vacation Club offers more flexibility -you’re not locked into a specific location at a certain time each year. Instead, you can use your points anytime during an entire season that you choose.

 Managing Your Points

Marriot Vacation Club offers members flexibility in using and saving their vacation club points.

  • Banking – Your club points can be saved to use the following year. You must elect to bank your unused points six months after the end of the year, and banked points expire one year after the end of their original use year.
  • Transferring – Points are able to be transferred or shared with other club members. However, points that are transferred may not be banked, or transferred again. Transferred points still hold the original usage parameters.
  • Borrowing – Club points can be borrowed from ‘future’ years to be used in the current year, as long as the points were borrowed from no further than 25 months in the future.

The number of points that are required to book a residence varies depending on the type of residence, as well as the time of year. Reservations can be made for a week, or divided into any number of nights. Marriott Vacation Club members can also use their points to exchange with the Interval International timeshare exchange network, as well as to book cruises, tours, and flights.